DDSL Partners, Llc

Improved Due Diligence with Advanced Technology

Changed conditions for lenders
The business world is undergoing radical changes that affect lenders in dramatic ways. The economy is growing only at a limited rate. Interest rates are at a historic low. In many industries equipment that was appraised just a year ago lost half or more of its value. In case of default, liquidating often generates only a small fraction of the outstanding debt. Traditional asset based lending has left many lenders with non-performing loans.
Uncertainty has increased
Lenders and investors face a high degree of uncertainty. There is no shortage of money to be invested, but there are few solid prospects. Lenders and investors are searching for opportunities but are wary of taking risks in the midst of excessive uncertainty.
More reliable methods are needed
Current asset values and past performance of a company are much weaker predictors of future viability than they were just a few years ago. There is an urgent need for more reliable ways of predicting a company's future ability to fulfill its financial obligations.
Advanced technology reduces risk
We advocate a new focus, one that looks forward. Instead of looking back at past performance and extrapolating future, expected performance from that, we focus on the true drivers that determine future performance. Our computer modeling technology provides a unique, forward looking perspective based on the opportunities that the customer-market offers. The models predict the company's expected performance, in light of these opportunities. Our analysis augments traditional financial analysis with powerful insights that previously were unavailable.

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